Images for Project

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Grace’s Project – A brieft synopsis

Graces project explores a fragmented reality and the concept of simulation in society by filming places that evoke a sense of detachment from everyday life . She’s presenting these issues in video format through a disjointed and fragmented juxtapostioning of video, with a narration voiceover that explores these ideas and theories further as they’ll be quotations from texts.

Although Graces project started slow with issues around needing permits for filming, and issues around the format this project would be exhibited in, its now coming together. At first issues around permits prevented her filming the places originally chosen for her project and also limiting the footage she could get. Much of her footage was ruined by people walking straight in front of the camera and also issues with not having a tripod as moving from location to location makes it hard to carry along heavy equipment. This meant some of her footage was shaky and we tried over coming this by using a monopod which didn’t really overcome the issue. Saying this however much of her footage is still really interesting and will be effective for her project, especially with the disjointed and fragmented style of the piece.

It’s been a long process of filming to now be at the stage of stabilising and editing her footage thats she’s now at. Her ideas around a fragmented reality are coming together with the puzzle fragmented construction of her video which is effective and strongly based on a video on her blog. She’s found that this process of stabilising her video is extremely time consuming and has often also been made extremely frustrating and difficult with the soft wear crashing and causing her to lose work. This has meant some planned sequences now won’t be part of her final piece as she hasn’t got enough time to work intensely on as much footage as planned.

I’ve watched her process of constructing her video and its very effective as each segment of video is cropped, scaled and placed in to position. It seems to be coming together well although now were coming up to the hand in date I am worried that her ability to produce this project to its true potential is becoming increasingly jeopardise and won’t reflect her real ability and the high standards she’s capable off. I have no doubt that it will be truly fascinating and take a new look at the world we live in, and maybe make us re think what reality has become and means to the individual. ┬áIt’s taking ideas of what the world is and plays with it is, and is reflected in some project names we’ve discussed like ‘the puzzled face of reality’.


Project – re-worked elements

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I have spend a while making some changes to my project.

I added in an arm graphic for my iPhone section and then changed the motion tween to make it explore the space more. I added in a short new section where you see the photo that been taken in this section.

I re scales my app network section to make it add more depth of field to the image and have been working currently on the picture section. I have also made some other simple changes that will be seen shortly.